Term 3 - Week 3

City of Albany - Youth Symposium

Whole School
Posted: Friday 5 August 2022

Year Ten students Arna, Kiarra and Cassandra, and Year Eight student, Ben, attended the 2026 Albany Bicentennial planning day with school students from across Albany on Thursday. The collaboration morning was met with over 100 youth who participated in a number of brainstorming activities to ultimately come up with a youth-inspired event for the 200 year anniversary of British settlement. The day began with a heart-warming Acknowledgement of Country by Lester Coyne who also explained the significance of the day and its opportunity for understanding and unity.

There was much brainstorming and sharing of the five areas; Albany culture, environment & landscape, planning & development, the arts and social & community. Each school worked and submitted their design brief for an activity or series of activities for the year long event. They presented their ibrief to the other participants and representatives from the City of Albany.

St Joseph's College students were highly commended on several occasions by the facilitators throughout the day for their bright ideas, enthusiasm ability to harness their thoughts into action. We hope to see their BINA festival come to fruition in the future (bina means "light"). Thank you Arna, Ben, Cassie and Kiarra.

St Joseph's College Parent's and Friends ECO PEG Fundraiser

Whole School
Posted: Thursday 4 August 2022


This product is a calico bag of 22 marine grade 316 stainless steel clothes pegs. They are the best on the market! The clothes pegs are sustainable, easy squeeze, corrosion free, plastic free and look great on the clothesline! Plus, you don’t even need to remove them from the line between washing days unlike other inferior products on the market. This makes this product far healthier and most importantly, a sustainable option!

Please note - orders will be delivered to your child at school so please list the purchase under your child's name if possible. If you are purchasing from OUTSIDE we will notify you via our Facebook page when your order can be collected from our school office or otherwise you can list a child (relation) who attends the school that they can be sent home with.

Orders will be placed with the company on 29/8 and distributed as soon as we have them back (about 2 weeks).

Clothes Peg Fundraiser

Whole School
Posted: Thursday 4 August 2022

Please check out our new fundraiser!

Simply click the link to purchase: 

Thank you for your support! ~ P&F Committee 

Save the Date - Book Week

Whole School
Posted: Thursday 4 August 2022

#### Save The Date ####

Start planning for the BOOK WEEK Parade 2022.

Theme: Reading is like dreaming with eyes open....

When: Friday 26th August

Where: The Gym

Time: 9am - 10am

An amazing amount of creativity by our students (and their parents/ grandparents) went into last year’s costumes of BOOK characters and we eagerly await even more participants this year.

You may want to start thinking about the BOOK character you want to come as.

Please choose a character from any BOOK.

The judges will be instructed to choose the most original costume from a BOOK and the student who gets into character in their behavior and manner in the parade.

Happy planning!

The Library Staff

Year Two Yes Day

Whole School
Posted: Tuesday 2 August 2022

Our “YES” Day

We earnt 624 stars by choosing to make right choices, being at school on time, working quietly, helping others, getting our homework done promptly, walking quietly past other classrooms and lots of other ways.

When the jar was full of stars, we individually estimated how many stars could be in the jar. Macy’s estimate was the closest, and she estimated that there were 629 stars in the jar. Mrs Bain then tipped all the stars out on the floor, and we had to put them into groups of ten. We then traded the stars for MAB tens. When that was done, we traded the tens for hundreds and counted the MAB blocks. We were both surprised and delighted to have earnt so many stars. We all had the opportunity to suggest a special treat that we could do as a class. We finally voted to have a “YES” day.

There were some requirements if the day was going to be successful, for example, everything we did needed to be safe, Mrs Bain always needed to be in our view, and we always needed to stay as a whole group.

The day was fun right from the very beginning, with such requests as, can we take our shoes off? Can we untuck our shirts? The giggles of joy were heart-warming.

“I liked Yes day, because I really liked recording plants close up, and weeds, and there were millipedes trying to climb up the plants.” Patrick

“I really enjoyed going to the old kindy, and I felt really sad when we had to leave.” Lisa-Marie

“I liked the Yes Day, because I asked if we could have no homework, and that was kind of funny. When Mrs Bain said “Yes” we thought the roof was going to fall down because there was so much noise and excitement in the room.” Athena                                                                

“It was fun when we went to the far bush area, because it had lots of nature in it and the flowers and the bobtail (which was dead) looked lovely.” Eli

“After we had been to the old kindy and the far bush area, we were all exhausted and when we got back to the classroom, I asked Mrs Bain if we could have a sleep. Of course, Mrs Bain had to say “Yes”. We snoozed for seven minutes.” Kingston.

Isobel thought it was good when we went to the old kindy and the far bush area, but “I didn’t like it when there were so many mosquitos.”

Delilah thought it was fabulous, because it was her first time seeing the old kindy.

Jack, liked the far bush area because he “got to see a mosquito bitten by one of those plants that can chomp the bugs.”

 “I loved Yes Day, but it was very tiring because we walked around looking at things and drawing things. We did a lot of walking, but it was a lot of fun. Instead of doing our work inside, we did it outside. In Maths we were doing multiplication, so Mrs Bain gave us multiplication equations, that we solved using leaves, grass, sticks and stones.” Ingrid

“We got to do maths in the far bush area, and it was fun to collect lots of different things off the ground to do our multiplying.” Sofie

“I loved Yes Day because we got to do a lot of fun things, and we went down to the old kindy to write about how we earned our Yes Day.” Kiera

Joe suggested that we offer the parents a challenge, for them to find what is super tricky about the photographs.

We all agreed that the “Yes” day was a ten out of ten, but then France called out and said  “It should be a billion out of ten!”

We then decided to evaluate what we could do, to make the next Yes Day, better. Many of the children thought that they would not change anything, but some thought we could choose different experiences next time.

All in all, it was a wonderful day, one that I think the children will remember fondly.                 Mrs Elizabeth Bain (Teacher)

Message from the Principal

Posted: Tuesday 2 August 2022

Prayer For The Beginning Of A New Term

Almighty God,

We give you our school.

We give you all the teachers and staff who work here,

We give you all the students who learn here.

We pray our school will continue to be a place of great discovery, adventure and creativity.

May it be a place where we love to learn and where we learn to love,

A place where everyone is respected and all are deeply valued.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Dear Parents, Caregivers, Staff, Students and Parishioners,

Term Three commenced smoothly and welcome to the new students and families who have joined St Joseph’s College. Thank you to the students, staff and families for the warm welcome back I received following my term of LSL. My break was enjoyable, restful and well needed. My appreciation to Mrs Lister, Mr Morcom, Mrs Tompkin, Mrs Mielens and Mrs Keenan for accepting the challenge to lead St Joseph’s College in my absence. Such opportunities allow staff to develop new skills and an appreciation of what leading St Joseph’s College entails. I appreciate Term Two was challenging with a number in our community contracting COVID-19. I thank all staff, despite the challenges, for continuing to place the needs of our students first.

To commence the term, I had assemblies with both the Junior and Secondary Schools. The topic of my presentation to the students was the importance of respect at St Joseph’s College. Parents and caregivers must teach the value of respect. The role of the school is to support parents in their endeavours. Respect consists of three parts: (i) Respect for self (ii) Respect for others and (iii) Respect for property.

Respect for self consists of the way a student presents themselves in terms of wearing our uniform correctly and with pride. It is also important for students not to behave in such a way that others think less of them.

Respect for others consists of speaking politely to staff and if there is a conflict to follow the procedures of the school to arrive at an amicable outcome. In their relationship with others, inappropriate comments about a person’s race, sexuality and body image are disrespectful due to the immense hurt caused.

Respect for property means looking after one’s individual property e.g. uniform items, stationery and laptops. School facilities should also be cared for so money doesn’t have to be wasted replacing items that were disrespected.

The majority of our students are continually respectful in all three manifestations, one of the things I love most about St Joseph’s College! Others need reminders from time to time. I ask parents and caregivers to challenge their children when disrespect is shown at home or in the community. The St Joseph’s College staff will do the same in the school environment.

There are three Pupil Free Days this term given we have taken none so far this year. The dates are as follows:

Wednesday 17 August Pupil Free Day

Thursday 18 August Pupil Free Day

Friday 19 August Catholic Day (St Joseph’s College is closed)

On the 17 and 18 August, the staff will be attending a two-day retreat at Camp Quaranup. This retreat aligns to our Evangelisation Plan and School Improvement Plan where our key focus is Catholic Identity. This experience will seek to build staff knowledge in God, Creator of Heaven and Earth linking our sustainability programmes with Laudato Si, Catholic Earthcare, Catholic Social Teaching and Making Jesus Real (MJR). Staff will also be engaged in Christian Service on one afternoon. Another vital component of our retreat will be a unique liturgical experience that we are not easily able to have within the context of our normal school day.

I need the assistance of all parents in relation to students testing positive to COVID-19. When this occurs you must report the positive result via the Healthy WA website ( and then enter the information on the CEWA app ( When a child tests positive, they must remain at home for a full seven days before returning to St Joseph’s College. Close contact siblings and parents must also wear a mask when on the school site for the full seven days unless having COVID-19 in the past month. If a child is unwell, please do not send them to school and if symptoms persist, please do a RATs test. These few simple requests are for the benefit of our entire school community.

There are only two weeks until our students present The Three Musketeers. The students have been rehearsing since last year and are excited to be on stage again. The Certificate II and Certificate III Music students will also support the actors with their talents of playing instruments and accompanying vocals. The College production occurs on Saturday 13 August at the Port Theatre. The Matinee is at 2.00 pm and the evening show at 6.00 pm. Tickets are now available in the front office for only $15 for adults and $10 for students/concession. I encourage all in our community to come and enjoy one of the performances.

Over the holiday break, the large piece of lawn in front of Cunningham Block was properly reticulated. More of the outside of Matheu block was painted and branches were lopped on trees around the grounds in preparation for the usual winter storms. After a thorough cleaning, our school presented well for the return of students and staff. Thank you to Mr West, Mr Gough, Mrs Remaj and all our cleaners for ensuring our school presents to the highest standard.

Each day holds a surprise at St Joseph’s College. Only if we expect it can we see, hear or feel!

Best wishes,

Mr Mark Browning


Women in Defence Mining Expo

Whole School
Posted: Tuesday 2 August 2022

Defence Force Recruiting are hosting a Women in Defence Mini Expo on Saturday, August 20 2022.

Across every one of their 300 roles, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) offers excellent career opportunities for women. If you’ve ever wondered what a career in the ADF is like, then come along to the Women in Defence Mini Expo and find out. 

You’ll get to hear first-hand, from current ADF personnel, what it’s like to be in the Navy, Army or Air Force. This is your opportunity to find out more about life in the ADF, have your questions answered and learn more about the application process.

If you have any questions or queries, please email

Mrs. Caroline Tompkin

Head of Vocational Education and Training

St Thomas More Residential College Open Day

Whole School
Posted: Monday 1 August 2022

St Thomas More College Open Day and Community Market Day Collaboration, are taking place on Sunday 28th August between 9.00am to 3.00pm to coincide with UWA Open Day.


St Thomas More College (Tommy) will have tours running all day, there will be representatives in the Admissions Hub to answer any questions students and their parents may have regarding living at Tommy. The Community Market will have many stalls operating including their Op Shop.

This is a great opportunity for students to see first-hand what a vibrant College Tommy really is.

If you have any contacts in the meantime, please contact College Registrar, Mel Carnachan.

E |W

Mrs. Caroline Tompkin

Head of Vocational Education and Training

Saint of the Week!

Whole School
Posted: Monday 1 August 2022

Saint John Vianney

Feast Day: August 4

Patron Saint of: Priests


Wanting to become a Priest, John was not prepared for his seminary studies as he had poor schooling growing up. His failure to comprehend latin forced him to discontinue his studies but feeling called to the priesthood, he got private tutoring and was eventually ordained. John was known to spend 12 hours a day in reconciliation listening to people confess their sins and while tired, he endured as he felt the call to serve the people. John was born on May 8, 1786 and died at the age of 73 on August 4, 1859.


Saint John Vianney, your strong faith carried you through all of life's trials. May I have the same determination to be the best I can be in my life. Let what I think, say, and do, benefit my neighbour and lead me closer to the Lord. Through your intercession may I be strengthened in courage and faith. Saint John Vianney, pray for us.

Mr Luke Bogoni - Religious Education Coordinator K-12


Whole School
Posted: Friday 29 July 2022

If you are interested in finding out more about SRTAFE, they are having their Open Day on Saturday 22 October.

Mrs. Caroline Tompkin

Head of Vocational Education and Training

MJR-Spirit of Jesus at St Joseph's

Whole School
Posted: Friday 29 July 2022

Make Jesus Real - Spirit of Jesus Award

Congratulations to Mrs Nash who is the first recipient of the MJR- Spirit of Jesus Award in the Junior School. Mrs Nash has in a short time made the Junior School Library a special place for students to come and enjoy the books and lovely atmosphere and we are extremely thankful for her efforts.

The Junior School Leaders are on the lookout for a special person in the Junior School who is showing the Spirit of Jesus every day.

2022 Worldskills VETis Competition - results!

Whole School
Posted: Wednesday 27 July 2022

Congratulations to Ella and Jasmine who last term competed at the 2022 Worldskills Competition in the Bunbury region. Both girls competed at the Bunbury TAFE against other students in the Commercial Cooking category.

This week, we received their results.

Ella was awarded the silver medal, 2nd place; and Jasmine was awarded fourth place.

Andrea Gallagher, SRTAFE Certificate II Hospitality Lecturer, was very impressed with the girls. They were working in an unfamiliar kitchen, in a category slightly outside their certificate course, and walked away with amazing results.

Worldskills competition projects are not easy and the WA Regional Manager of Worldskills, Fiona Johnson, said in her letter to the students that, "they should be very proud of their achievements. Their participation is proof they have been able to complete a series of demanding tasks under pressure"

From here, the girls will be nominated for selection to present WA at the Worldskills Australia National Competition, which is held in June 2023.

Again, we say a huge thank you to Mrs. Andrea Gallagher, and all the lecturers at SRTAFE who collaborate with us to help our students gain industry experience, and open doors to work places that as a school, we cannot always offer.

Mrs. Caroline Tompkin

Head of Vocational Education and Training

MIGAS Traineeship and Apprenticeship Opportunities

Whole School
Posted: Tuesday 26 July 2022

Year Twelves,

Are you looking for traineeships or apprenticeships when you finish school?

MIGAS has a variety of positions available.

I have sent a SEQTA with the brochure to Year Twelve students and parents/guardians.

For more information:

1300 464 427

Mrs. Caroline Tompkin

Head of Vocational Education and Training

Uniform Shop Now available on QuickCliq

Whole School
Posted: Tuesday 26 July 2022

Our Uniform Shop is now available on Quick Cliq -

You can now order uniforms online and collect from the School office, between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday during school term.

Please refer to order pickup notes when placing your order to determine when your order will be ready for collection.

School Uniform shop open hours are: Tuesday 8.15am - 9.30am and Wednesday 2.15pm - 4.00pm.

Australian Defence Force Students and Education - scholarships

Whole School
Posted: Friday 22 July 2022

ADFA have opportunities for you to have your part or full degree paid for, plus they have Gap Year opportunities - where you start getting paid from day one.

If you are interested, and want more information, go to:

13 19 01

First Nations Health Scholarships

Whole School
Posted: Friday 22 July 2022

Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship Scheme

The Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship Scheme (PHMSS) is designed to encourage and assist undergraduate students in health-related disciplines to complete their studies and join the health workforce. The scheme provides scholarships for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people studying an entry level health course.

The Australian Government established the Scheme as a tribute to the late Dr Arnold ‘Puggy’ Hunter’s outstanding contribution to First Nations Australians’ health and his role and Chair of the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO). NACCHO News – special tribute edition provides an insight to Puggy and his tireless efforts to improve Aboriginal health.

PHMSS will open for applications on Monday 29 August 2022 for studies undertaken in 2023, closing Monday 10 October 2022. Online applications will be available from this website once the scheme opens.

Eligible Health Areas

  1. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander primary health care
  2. Dentistry/oral health (excluding dental assistants)
  3. Mental health studies
  4. Nursing (RN & EN)
  5. Midwifery
  6. Medicine
  7. Allied health (excluding pharmacy)

Eligibility Criteria

Applications will be considered from applicants who are:

  1. of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent
  2. Applicants must identify as and be able to confirm their Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander status.
  3. enrolled or intending to enrol in an entry level or graduate entry level health related course
  4. Courses must be provided by an Australian registered training organisation or university. Funding is not available for postgraduate study.
  5. intending to study in the academic year that the scholarship is offered.

A significant number of applications are received each year; meeting the eligibility criteria will not guarantee applicants a scholarship offer.

Please note: You do not need to be currently enrolled in a course to complete a scholarship application, you simply need to be intending to enrol in semester one 2022, at any accredited course provider in Australia.

Selection Criteria

These are competitive scholarships and will be awarded on the recommendation of the independent selection committee whose assessment will be based on how applicants address the following questions:

  1. Describe what has been your driving influence/motivation in wanting to become a health professional in your chosen area.
  2. Discuss what you hope to accomplish as a health professional in the next 5-10 years.
  3. Discuss your commitment to study in your chosen course.
  4. Outline your involvement in community activities, including promoting the health and well-being of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people.

The scholarships are funded by the Australian Government, Department of Health and Aged Care and administered by the Australian College of Nursing. The scheme was established in recognition of Dr Arnold ‘Puggy’ Hunter’s significant contribution to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and his role as Chair of the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation.

Value of Scholarship

Funding is provided for the normal duration of the course. Full time scholarship awardees will receive up to $15,000 per year and part time recipients will receive up to $7,500 per year. The funding is paid in 24 fortnightly instalments throughout the study period of each year.

Contact details



t: 1800 688 628

Career and Employment Expo

Whole School
Posted: Thursday 21 July 2022

Year Twelve Leavers,,, and anyone else that isn't sure what to do after school.

Head along to WA's Largest Careers and Jobs Expo.

It is taking place at the Perth Convention Centre on 25th - 27th August. It is free entry, and it has a range of employers and educational facilities that can broaden your horizons to options you have for the future.

The Three Musketeers Pantomime College Production - Tickets are now available!

Whole School
Posted: Wednesday 20 July 2022

Let us support our Drama Club members and Cert I and Cert III Music Industry students with their performance of The Three Musketeers Pantomime College Production on Saturday 13 August 2022. The Matinee performance is at 2:00pm and evening show is at 6:00pm at Albany Port Theatre. Tickets are now available at the College Administration for only $15 for adults and $10 for students/concession. Buy your tickets now and be entertained!